[Internet of Drones through Partnerships]


Remotely manage a fleet of drones through an unified dashboard with our expertise in business workflow, with live tracking, airspace management, job assignment, heath reports and notifications. Configure and optimize intelligence modules, like, precision landing, payload management and collision avoidance.


Most modern drone applications need integration with a variety of intelligent algorithms. This includes, collision avoidance, object detection and tracking, precision landing, indoor navigation, object counting, leak and crack detection, and so on. Dragonfly has established relationships with drone app industry manufacturers and integrators that add value to the IoD solution.


As drone operations scale, it is increasingly becoming critical to be able to manage and command the entire fleet from a single remote dashboard, while being able to share access with other stakeholders.

IoD platform further helps in integrating drones with other cloud-based business applications and data-processing engines, such as, Airmap, SAP, Dropbox, Slack, DroneDeploy, etc., for complete workflow automation.


Each commercial drone application is unique. A drone-based delivery application needs a very different dashboard from an inspection application. Dragonfly platforms allow for easy customization of the dashboard to suit the particular application requirements.

Ready widgets, templates, and easy integration with airspace management, payload data, and variety of other plugins, help developers build specialized dashboards in days, and not weeks. Custom branding can be added to regular Dragonfly dashboard for quick personalization.


Drones make use of a variety of payloads to achieve their missions. These could be imaging sensors, LiDARs, multi-spectral sensors or gimbals. Our platform has built-in support for a wide range of commonly used sensors. Complete access to payloads is available through the cloud as well.

Further, modules for payload data-processing are available as plugins. The architecture of the platform allows for easy integration with any custom payload, that is not already supported.


Using Dragonly Drone Fleet Survey and Mapping Solution, you can control a fleet of automated drones connected to the cloud (or a local network), eliminating mission planning complexity, reducing total air and ground time, in turn reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Deploy and operate a fleet of drones from a remote location for a real-time large survey or mapping area and get live fleet mission status, telemetry, payload data, images and video feed on a single dashboard.


Building a commercial drone application is complex. You are dealing with a number of issues, in regulations, policy, hardware and software. Some of the important decisions include, overall architecture of onboard, web/mobile and cloud components of your drone application, integration between these components, authentication/security, hardware selection based on processing, connectivity and storage requirements, etc.

With our expertise in drone automation, we will work with your team in concept analysis, hardware/software module selection, payload selection, and in arriving at the final specs. A good architecture design could help save a lot of precious time and effort, that would otherwise be wasted in iterations.